About Us

Kalamazoo MaterialsPaul D’Alessio, a graduate of the University of Arizona’s Landscape Architecture program founded Kalamazoo Materials, Inc. in 1985 after discovering an abundant supply of high quality decomposed granite above the Kalamazoo copper ore body in San Manuel, Arizona, thus providing Kalamazoo its name and its first color, Wildcat Red. Since then, the company has expanded to several locations throughout Arizona and Nevada. Popular products such as Apache Brown®, Mohave Gold®, Palomino Coral®, Rebel Red® and more have become common industry standards in multiple gradations ranging from 1MM minus to large showpiece boulders.

In keeping with Paul’s original vision of creating a rock palette that mirrors the scope of the plant palette; a concept inspired by his renowned planting design professor, Warren Jones; inert material design has remained his passion. Kalamazoo Materials has therefore been devoted, for the last quarter century, to uphold this model in addition to manufacturing unique landscape decorative rock products and providing first-class customer service. The company chooses to ONLY mine and sell quality tested granites, rhyolites and quartzite that can be found in multiple locations throughout Arizona and equally in Southern Nevada. These products are guaranteed to be durable, preventing the weathering, melting and decomposition commonly associated with other rock products. Our multiple locations ensure that the material you select for your project will be readily available, at the best price possible for touch-ups and new construction, and will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.

Our 27 years as innovators and designers in the landscape industry has taught us that landscape rock is not “just rock”, it is a cost effective, eco-friendly material that when artistically combined can beautify and preserve any project. Each of our products has the collective potential to solve inert material determinants to create designs equivalent to works of art. Our dedicated team is readily available with innovative ideas to help enhance your project.

Please visit our job gallery to see the latest examples of what our products can do for you.