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Tucson LDS Temple (job in progress)

Location: Skyline & Ina - Tucson, AZ
Contractor: Hallmark Landscape
Colors Featured: Apache Gold 1” screened, 3” minus, 1”-4” screened, and Rip Rap

Future site of UFC Global Headquarters (job in progress)

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Contractor: Tracy & Ryder
Colors Featured: 3/8” screened Mohave Gold

Project Neon Las Vegas (job in progress)

Location: Interstate 15 Interchange in Downtown Las Vegas, NV
Contractors: BrightView Landscaping & Star Nursery
Material: 2” NDOT Specification Hillside Erosion Control
Colors Featured: Apache Brown, Apache Gold, Ruby Red, Palomino Coral, and Boulder Rose

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Contractor: Tracy & Ryder
Colors Featured: Apache Brown 1”-4”, 7/8” Apache Gold, and Apache Gold Boulders

Top Golf Las Vegas at MGM Grand

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Contractor: Brightview Landscape
Colors Featured: 1”x4’ Apache Gold. 3/4” Rebel Red, and 5/8” Apache Gold

T-Mobile Arena

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Contractor: Tracy & Ryder
Colors Featured: 3/8” screened Mohave Gold, 1” screened Mohave Gold, and 1”-4” Apache Gold

Summerlin Village at Town Center

Location: Town Center Drive Roundabout, Las Vegas, NV
Contractor: US Landscape
Colors Featured: 1”x4’ Kino Blue, 3/4” Rebel Red, and 7/8” Apache Gold

Morning Sun Farms

Location: San Tan Valley, AZ
Architect: Studio DPA, Andrea Peterson
Contractor: Site Works
Colors Featured: 7/8" screened Superior Gold, 4”-10” Apache Brown and 3/8” minus Apache Brown

Rillito Park

Location: 1st Ave & River Road, Tucson, Arizona
Contractor: Santa Rita Landscaping
Colors Featured: 3/8”minus Apache Red and 4-10 Apache Red Rip Rap

Layton Lakes

Location: Gilbert, AZ
Architect: Collectiv Design
Contractors: ELS Construction and Caretaker
Material Featured: 5/8" minus Apache Brown and 3/8” minus Apache Brown

Casino Del Sol Sewalio Golf Course

Location: Valencia Rd & Mark Rd
Contractor: Cook & Solice
Colors Featured: Autumn Boulders & Rip Rap with a 4" minus Shoreline material

Diamondback Rattle Snake Bridge

Location: Downtown Tucson

Oro Valley Path

Location: Oro Valley
Contractor: Hallmark Landscape & Design, Inc.
Architect: McGann and Associates
Colors Featured : 3/8" Minus Stabilized Desert Gold, 3/4" Screened Desert Gold, 4"-8" Coronado Brown

US Highway 95 NDOT#3409

Location: Las Vegas, NV from Washington Ave. to Ann Road
Contractor: Capriati Construction Corporation
Architect: Cary Baird and Stantec Consulting
Colors Featured: Palomino Coral, Mojave Gold and Apache Brown

Lower Detention Basin Flamingo Park

Location: Tropicana and Decatur
Contractor: Gothic Landscape
Architect: Southwick & Associates
Colors Featured: Apache Gold Rip Rap

Eastern and 215 Beltway Beautification Project

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Contractor: Peek Construction
Architect: STANTEC & ASSOCIATES Drawn by Cary Baird.
Colors Featured: The Apache Brown is a specified mixture of 7/8″ and 1″-4″. The Ruby Red is an exclusive blend of 4-8 and 18-16. 1″-4″ Palomino Gold was also used, as well as several large Palomino Gold Boulders and our variegated Mohave Gold Boulders are all included in the design.

US Highway 95 NDOT (Nevada Department of Transportation)

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Contractor: Valley Crest
Architect: C.F. Shuler, Inc.
Colors Featured: Apache Brown, Ruby Red, Surface Select Boulders, Palomino Coral

Caesars Palace

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Contractor: Valley Crest
Architect: Attanasio
Colors Featured: ½” Screened Mohave Gold

Galleria Overpass

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Contractor: Valley Crest
Architect: JW Zunino
Colors Featured: ¾” Screened Apache Brown, 4-8 Palomino Gold, Palomino Gold Boulders

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