Job Gallery

Job Name: US Highway 95 NDOT#3409
Location: Las Vegas, NV from Washington Ave. to Ann Road
Owner: State of Nevada
Contractor: Capriati Construction Corporation
Architect: Cary Baird and Stantec Consulting
Colors Featured: Palomino Coral, Mojave Gold and Apache Brown

Job Name: Sewailo Golf Course
Owner: Pasqui Yaqi Indian Tribe
Location: Valencia and Mark Road Tucson, AZ
Material Featured: Tucson Rose
Architect: Pinnacle Design
Contractor: Cooks and Solis

Job Name: Lower Detention Basin Flamingo Park
Owner: City of Las Vegas
Architect: Southwick & Associates
Contractor: Gothic Landscape
Location: Tropicana and Decatur
Material Featured: Apache Gold Rip Rap

Name: Eastern and 215 Beltway Beautification Project
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Owner: Clark County Nevada, Les Jones QA/QC Senior Auditor
Contractor: Peek Construction
Architect: STANTEC & ASSOCIATES Drawn by Cary Baird.

Product Selection: The Apache Brown is a specified mixture of 7/8″ and 1″-4″. The Ruby Red is an exclusive blend of 4-8 and 18-16. 1″-4″ Palomino Gold was also used, as well as several large Palomino Gold Boulders and our variegated Mohave Gold Boulders are all included in the design.

Name: US Highway 95 NDOT (Nevada Department of Transportation)
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Contractor: Valley Crest
Architect: C.F. Shuler, Inc.
Product Selection: Apache Brown, Ruby Red, Surface Select Boulders, Palomino Coral

Name: Caesars Palace
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Contractor: Valley Crest
Architect: Attanasio
Product Selection: ½” Screened Mohave Gold

Name: Galleria Overpass
Location: Henderson, Nevada
Contractor: Valley Crest
Architect: JW Zunino
Product Selection: ¾” Screened Apache Brown, 4-8 Palomino Gold, Palomino Gold Boulders

Freeway Shoulder Jets – Las Vegas, NV
Broadway Underpass – Tucson, AZ
Sossaman Estates – Queen Creek, AZ
UofA Softball Field – Tucson, AZ