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Avra Valley Yard

Beatty Quarry

Bonito Quarry

Broccoli Quarry

Chloride Quarry

Desert Gold Quarry

New Superior Quarry

Nipton Quarry

Silverbell Quarry

Valentine Quarry

White Hills Quarry

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Joint Check Form
Sellers Permit Certificate

Pre-Lien Policy

Pre-Lien Information Form

Credit Application and Payment

Credit Application Form

Credit Card Payment Form

Tax Documents

Arizona Resale (Form 5000A)

Arizona Tax Exempt (Form 5000)

California Resale (Form BOE230)

Nevada Resale (Form 372730)

Utah Tax Exempt (Form TC721)

Federal Tax ID (Form W9)

All Other State Resale Forms

Material Reports

University of Nevada Geoscience Department’s Material Report