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Landscape Rocks and Boulders in Phoenix, AZ

Landscape Rocks, Phoenix, AZ

Every landscape design requires unique materials and products. Depending on the job, you may want rip-rap, boulders, and other materials, for which you need a dependable source. Kalamazoo Materials is an industry leader, serving business, residential, and government clients in Phoenix, Arizona, with ornamental and commercial boulders of the highest quality. We have many sales and distribution locations, each of which guarantees the delivery of outstanding items. Here is a selection of the materials we carry:

Screened Rock

You can use screened rock in landscapes, infrastructural upgrades, landscape design, residential structures, and commercial cityscapes. With specific settings, it can be utilized to accelerate the growth of saplings and shrubs and help in the retention of soil moisture in more extensive landscapes. Screening is also an ideal subbase material for several outdoor features. We can assist you if you are looking for a uniform and high-quality screened rock product. We offer this rock in a selection of colors and sizes between 3/8″ and 1″- 2″. If you are uncertain about the sort of screening you want, our professional sales staff will guide you to the most suitable items for your project.

Minus Rock

Certain granite variations contribute to the formation of minus rock or degraded granite. Along with our assortment of screened goods, it is utilized to give the surface a more consistent look and reduce soil erosion. Countless people now opt to construct water-resistant gardens, for which we sell minus individually. It is distributed as a ground cover across landscaped areas, eliminating the requirement for many living elements. The material is economical, adaptable, aesthetically pleasing, and permeable. We provide minus sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 4″. These materials are available in various hues, allowing you to select the one that best meets the needs of your project.

Surface Select Boulders

We are the business to contact for any quantity of superior surface select boulders, whatever the application. Boulders are available in a variety of diameters and are priced appropriately. The quartzite sandstone boulders and completed stone materials have been aesthetically pleasing works of nature for millions of years. Our stones are sourced from quarries that provide a vast array of structural and landscape building materials, including pinkish boulders ranging in the shade from pale to vibrant pink. We cannot offer dimensions due to the characteristics of the materials. Despite this, we endeavor to provide you with the most accurate cubic foot weights based on your requirements. We provide surface-selected rocks ranging from 1 to 7 feet and are available in various colors. We are aware that you will need excellent materials to develop a finished and long-lasting outdoor setting. Therefore, we provide the finest commercial and decorative rock supplies available.

Pit Run Boulders

Pit Run is a greyish granite rock with salt-and-pepper speckles, bluish/gray hues, angular angles, and rounded edges. Blasting is used to extract rocks from a nearby quarry in Phoenix. While pit run is utilized for basic roadbeds, building sites, and bases for works such as high-weight sites and fences, boulders are used for larger installations like rockeries, ornamental features, structural walls, and more. Pit Run boulders are available in several hues, including Pit (gray), SS (brown), Gold, and Red. Kalamazoo Materials attempts to fulfill all client requirements. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will help you with Pit Run boulder selection.

For more information about our products, please call us at the numbers on this page based on your location. Alternatively, drop us a line through this Contact Us form, and one of our team members will respond as soon as possible. Based on your project, we can provide these products in bulk or smaller quantities in Phoenix, AZ.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of NV, AZ, CA, and UT:
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