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What is diamond mix?

Diamond mix is a 100% (with no additives) mixture composed of sand and clay (usually red) used in landscaping applications. The exact ratio of our mix is a well-kept family secret!

Does it have to be red?

Diamond mix is almost always red because it is very often used for baseball fields (which demand the red color), however, the only reason it is red is because of the red clay content. Clay comes in many other colors, so depending on your needs different mixes can be created for different colors. This allows it great versatility when being used for residential and commercial landscaping purposes.

How does it work?

Due to the sand content, water is allowed to drain quickly through the mix, resulting in less pooling, and excellent drainage. This is one of the reasons it is used for sports fields.

The clay content helps add substance, toughness and helps bond the sand together, this helps it also resist erosion, think of it as the natural glue that holds it all together.

Additionally, the clay content helps it be less ‘dusty’, and less likely to bleed into other areas.

Why do baseball infields use diamond mix, and not grass like the outfield?

Quite simply, the ‘dry’ mix of clay and sand allows puddles to dry up quickly, and prevents muddy conditions, and prevents rain delays (which no one wants when playing sports). Additionally, the material will not stick to cleats, and it is very easily added to the field. Just dump it in! Whereas grass in the outfield, is completely the opposite.

Are there any chemicals?

Diamond mix is 100% natural without any chemicals, since there are no bonding agents it is much more cost-effective.

How deep is the coverage?

We recommend a 3 inch depth coverage for maximum performance and life-span.

Why do you call it diamond mix?

Certainly, not because it is composed of diamonds or diamond powder! Who’d pave their surface with diamonds anyway?

Joking aside, we call it diamond mix because it is chiefly used for baseball fields, and the shape of the infield is a ‘diamond’.

Also, ‘diamond mix’ just sounds a lot classier than ‘baseball dirt’.

What are some other names that it goes by?

It never ceases to amaze us at the growing number of words used to describe this product. There really isn’t any standard so people just end up calling it whatever seems to fit:

  • Baseball dirt
  • Red baseball dirt
  • Baseball infield mix
  • Diamond dry
  • Infield mix
  • Red diamond infield mix

Where else is diamond mix used? Is it only used in baseball fields?

Not at all! Quite the opposite. Diamond mix can be used in an innumerable number of applications.

One way of thinking about it, is wherever you would use decomposed granite (DG), you can use diamond mix.

Here’s a short list:

  • Baseball Fields
  • Softball Fields
  • Track Fields
  • Equestrian Centers
  • Bocce Ball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Little League Fields
  • Walking Paths
  • Riding Paths
  • Borders

Where should I get my diamond mix?

From your friends at Kalamazoo Materials, of course. Visit our website to see our catalog of materials:

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of NV, AZ, CA, and UT:
  • Nevada: Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City
  • Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Casa Grande
  • Southern California: Palm Springs, Bakersfield, Victorville, Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles
  • Utah: Salt Lake City, Saint George