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Our minus material, also known as decomposed granite (from products that are a type of granite), is used either as an additive to our screened products to help benefit locking in materials preventing erosion, giving a project a smoother desert floor look. Also, simply as a standalone product used as a xeriscape ground cover. It’s an ideal hardscape material being its natural, permeable, aesthetically versatile and inexpensive.

Several goods in the landscaping industry fulfill a specific function and provide significant value to your home. One of the benefits of making your landscaping selections is the ability to choose from several designs and looks for your home. Creating roads and pathways from products that allow for efficient water drainage is difficult for many landscapers.

Considered by many to be the best hardscape material, minus or crumbled granite may be the right option for this. Kalamazoo Materials Inc. is mindful of this and attempts to provide the best commercial and decorative minuses available on the market.

Benefits of Using Minus

There are many benefits to using minus for landscaping. With decomposed granite, it is possible to reduce water use and ease landscape management, which are two aims that are often incompatible. Here are some of the primary advantages include the following:

  • Minus or deteriorated granite is produced from certain kinds of granite. It is applied with our assortment of screened materials to help retain materials, level the ground, and reduce erosion, helping to stabilize various outdoor areas. This material is ideal for residential and commercial settings.
  • Many people now desire to develop water-resistant landscapes, and negative is frequently used separately in these applications. It is spread as a groundcover throughout several landscape zones, eliminating the need to place an excessive number of live elements.
  • Moreover, the material is inexpensive, versatile, aesthetically beautiful, and permeable. Our selection of minus sizes ranges from 1/4″ to 4″.
  • These materials are available in various colors, allowing you to choose the one that best matches the needs of your project.

Compared to many other hardscape materials on the market, minus is inexpensive. It costs around one-third as much as concrete and delivers excellent value for the money paid. Given that it is sturdy and long-lasting, you can enjoy it for a very long time after purchase.

Reliable And Timely Minus Delivery

There are several advantages to employing minus for landscapes. Our courteous and knowledgeable team is ready to answer any questions about these products and help you determine the appropriate amount for your job. We can also help you choose the perfect mix of rock, sand, minus, and boulders to create an aesthetically appealing outdoor area on your commercial or residential property. Please call us for information regarding minus at the numbers listed on this page, depending on your location. Please use this Contact Us form if you prefer to write to us. One of our experts will call you back soon to discuss your requirements. We offer sales and shipping operations from multiple locations and guarantee consistent quality regardless of the place from where you acquire our high-quality minus and other products.

Minus range in size from 1/4″ to 4″ and are available in the following colors:

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of NV, AZ, CA, and UT:
  • Nevada: Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City
  • Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Casa Grande
  • Southern California: Palm Springs, Bakersfield, Victorville, Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles
  • Utah: Salt Lake City, Saint George