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Rip Rap

Our rip rap materials are used for building design and erosion controls. The size of the rock needed for a project depends on the steepness of the slope and the velocity of the water running through the rock. Rip Rap is a great natural treatment but it’s not always easily traversable which is why we work with clients to determine the gradation for optimum coverage and the ability to maintain with the least amount of difficulty for workers.

Rip Rap

Rip Rap range in size from 1″- 4″ , 2″- 4″ and 4″-10″ and are available in the following colors:

Numerous property owners battle soil erosion difficulties, but various structures and solutions are available to reduce these problems. Rip rap is an efficient and cost-effective approach for combating soil erosion. This material is also known as shot rock or rock armor, and many of our customers use it to guard against scour bridge abutments, streambeds, coastal buildings, pilings, etc. Please contact us if you wish to stabilize stream banks on your property, construct retaining walls in the landscape, or install a barrier on road edges or steep drop-offs.

What Is Rip Rap?

Rock Slope Protection (RSP) is a frequently used technology and material for shore and bank protection. Rip rap is composed of one or many rock layers and is installed along stream/riverbanks and lake and ocean shorelines to avoid erosion. This prevalent technique is perfect for runoff locations where soil degradation is a problem. Riprap is a covering of huge, interlocking stones that serve as a barrier on steep hillsides with excessive water flow or seepage issues.

Various Rip Rap Applications

We carry the best rip rap clients use in construction and erosion prevention applications. As water travels through the rock, the velocity and force of the water dictate the size of the rip rap used. Also consider the slope of the area where you will install the rip rap. Our team works closely with customers to study the gradation of the site and determine which sizes would give the most outstanding coverage. Riprap is very beneficial in a variety of building applications, including:

  • Sloped and channel sides
  • Stream banks
  • Culverts outlets and inlets
  • Bridges
  • Grade stabilization structures
  • Drainage Structures
  • Storm drains

Range of Rip Rap Products

Most buyers generally want something that is easy to maintain and causes the least hassle for workers. We have rip rap in diameters ranging from 1″ to 4″, 2″ to 4″, and 4″ to 10″ in a variety of colors, such as Silverbell Apache Gold, Kino Blue, Rebel Red, Beatty Apache Gold, Autumn Red, and much more. No matter your requirements, you can be sure to get the hues you need for your project.

We attempt to fulfill all customer requirements. Our professional and experienced staff will assist with material selection, and guarantee orders are delivered on time. This strategy and our thoroughness provide our customers with exceptional value.

Please call us for information regarding rip rap and our other products. Depending on your location, you can contact us through the numbers listed on this page. Please use this Contact Us form if you prefer to write to us. One of our specialists will contact you shortly to discuss your needs. We are here to supply you with comprehensive information on rip rap and its optimal use in your project.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of NV, AZ, CA, and UT:
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  • Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Casa Grande
  • Southern California: Palm Springs, Bakersfield, Victorville, Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles
  • Utah: Salt Lake City, Saint George