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Coverage Charts

Use this coverage chart to estimate the amount of material you need for your next landscape job.

8”-18” Rip Rap20 Square Feet
4”-10” Rip Rap30 Square Feet
2″-4″ Rip Rap70 Square Feet
1”-3” Rip Rap90 Square Feet
3/4”, 7/8,” 1” Screened Gravel100 Square Feet @ 2” depth
5/8”, 1/2” Screened Gravel120 Square Feet @ 2” depth
1/4″, 3/8” Screened Gravel140 Square Feet @ 2” depth
Minus Materials100-120 Square Feet @ 2” depth

All above are approximations only

Estimating the amount of material needed for your project is simple.

  • Measure and calculate the area (in square feet) to be covered. *Note – Measure distance using decimal format (Example 4′ 6″ = 4.5 feet)
  • Refer to the chart above; find the applicable product type and corresponding coverage per ton. *We recommend a 2” depth
  • Divide step 1 by step 2 to figure the amount of material needed.

Example #1: 

You want to cover an area 150 feet wide by 200 feet long with a 2” depth using 5/8” Screened Apache Rose. All you need to do is multiply 150 x 200 to give you 30,000 square feet. Next, divide 30,000 square feet by 120 square feet per ton, which gives you 250 tons. Therefore, for this project you will need about 250 tons (at a 2” depth) of 5/8” Screened gravel.

Example #2: 

You want to cover an area that is 1000 feet wide by 250 feet long with 2”-4” Apache Brown Rip Rap. First, multiply 1000 x 250 to give you 250,000 square feet. Divide 250,000 square feet by 70 square feet per ton, which gives you 3571.4 tons as the approximate quantity of 2”-4” rip rap needed for your project.

Basic Conversions

144 square inches1 square foot
9 square feet1 square yard
4,840 square yards1 acre
43,560 square feet1 acre
640 acres1 square mile
2,000 pounds1 ton
1 gallon water8.3453 pounds

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